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Why make the move to CCR

Is CCR for you?


  • Dive deeper: the optimum nitrox mix at every depth
  • Stay longer: with dramatically increased ‘no-deco’ bottom times
  • Greatly reduced deco: if you do incur penalties, O2-rich deco gets you out of the water quicker
  • Extreme low gas use: consumption is governed by metabolism not depth, so average use is only about 1 litre/min!
  • Greater comfort: with warm, moist breathing gas
  • Versatility: out-of-the-box unit ready-to-go, shallow or deep 
  • No expensive gas-mixing / pre-planning for a target depth
  • Perfect buoyancy control: unaffected by breathing
  • No bubbles, silent diving: get up really close to the wildlife


Why make the move to CCR? #1

Silent Diving.

Go quietly amid the noise and haste. You’re no longer an intruder or noisy spectator – you’re a natural part of the sealife around you. Closed circuit rebreathers give you the freedom and time to dive the way you always dreamt.

As an underwater cameraman… the basic reasons that I switched from heavy dual tanks to a nice light rebreather unit like [the Inspiration evo] are… simplicity, quietness… I can stay down longer… It gives me 100% humidified gas… It is just wonderful for gas consumption… there’s no up and down movement when I breathe… and small animals in the ocean totally ignore me… like I’m one of the rocks!

Jim Kozmik (Assoc. Producer Sport Diver TV) kozmikunderwater.com


Why make the move to CCR? #2

More dive time.

AP CCRs significantly extend no-stop times.  Down to 30m, dive times without incurring deco are typically double the times on open circuit.

The significance of diving with an oxygen-rich breathing gas is that the percentage of inert gas is considerably lower. Consequently, the time allowed to dive before decompression is required – no-stop time – is dramatically increased.

At air-range depths these benefits are huge. Want to take your time on a reef? 3 hours at 20m with no deco is a realistic dive with the Inspiration xpd or evp (or about 2.5 hours with the Inspiration evo – due to the smaller scrubber unit) compared to just 36 minutes on open circuit.


Why make the move to CCR? #3

Super-Nitrox Diving.

Mixing super-nitrox on the fly – the Inspiration delivers the optimum oxygen-rich mix throughout the dive. The Inspiration offers all of the increased depth, time and deco advantages of open circuit nitrox diving but without the expense, time and hassle of pre-mixing multiple gases for pre-planned target depths, excessive cylinder carrying or gas-switching during the dive.

Inspiration CCRs offer simplified mix gas diving. The oxygen controller maintains a Constant Partial Pressure of Oxygen (PO2) in the breathing loop and thereby delivers a variable fraction of oxygen (FO2) at every depth.

In practice this gives you ultimate versatility: from shallow reef to deep wreck, the same prepped unit will automatically deliver the optimum mix at every depth and a super-O2-rich mix during deco.


Why make the move to CCR? #4

Reduced Deco.

If you do stay down long enough to incur deco penalties, these obligations are greatly reduced. With super-nitrox – delivering the optimum oxygen-rich mix at every depth throughout the dive and an increasingly super oxygen-rich mix at deco depths, the Inspiration gets you out of the water much much quicker than the open circuit guys.

To give just one example: A dive to 30m for an hour will incur only 11 minutes stop time. If you were to do the same dive on open circuit Air, which is very unlikely, but… if you did… you would incur about 74 minutes deco!


Why make the move to CCR? #5

Use a lot less gas.

One of the most significant advantages of fully closed circuit diving is the massive increase in gas efficiency, with smaller cylinders, less visits to the filling station and cheaper fills (particularly when using Trimix)…

Open circuit SCUBA (air or mixed gas) is extremely wasteful of gas. This waste increases dramatically with depth.

At 30m a typical open circuit diver breathes at the rate of 100 litres per minute: 98.9% of which is just volume make-up and is simply bubbled away – every minute!


The Closed Circuit

Recycle – Replenish – Re-use

As an experienced open circuit diver, you’ll be very aware that the bulk of your gas is lost, bubbled away, every time you breathe out and that this waste increases dramatically, the deeper you go. With fully closed circuit rebreathers like the AP Inspiration, all of your exhaled gas is retained within the system in a closed loop. It is then filtered, refreshed and recycled back to you to breathe again. Bubbles escape only during ascent and mask clearing.