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cell validator

cell validator

Cell Validator (RB15)

Testing between 1.3 and 1.4 bar ppO2 is done on every new and used lid before it is shipped from the factory.

It is a very simple test which allows you to check the oxygen control parameters including the speed of response and accuracy of the oxygen cells.

The test allows you to see instantly any gross errors in cell outputs, determine whether a cell needs calibrating or replacing and allows you to validate oxygen controller function with its constituent parts – solenoid, O2 purity etc..

Although this test has been discussed with Inspiration owners over the years it hasn’t been promoted by the factory due to the risk of the diver selecting calibration with the lid closed and sealed, with the inherent risk of the lid exploding. However, we decided to try and develop the test to make it safe and available to everyone. There is a clear requirement to check oxygen cells and all oxygen control functions wherever you are in the World, no matter how remote the location. By introducing a pressure relief valve, with a suitably high (but not too high) relief pressure, the procedure is now safer.

Furthermore, by introducing a calibrated relief pressure the requirement for a pressure gauge is removed which makes the product much more shock and water resistant than conventional cell testers allowing you to use it while on the dive boat and store temporarily in a wet dive bag.

• Allows you to prove the cells will display accurately above 1.3 bar – prior to a dive.
• Allows hyperbaric testing of oxygen cells without using a pressure chamber or external pressure gauge and without removing them from the lid.
• Allows testing of all oxygen controller functionality including connections, calibration, solenoid operation and oxygen supply on your rebreather.
• Allows accurate, repeatable, pre-dive testing, even on a wet boat.
• Allows long term testing
• Shock proof and water proof – keep it in your dive bag
• Lightweight (only 125g or 158g with thread protector/ mesh caps) – take it on every dive trip
• When in place it seals the scrubber, so ideal for scrubber storage between dives.
• T-piece mesh caps included, which prevent insects entering the counterlungs during storage.