Unique CCR: Inspiration – Silent Diving LLC

Unique CCR: Inspiration


  • Patented Dual Oxygen Controllers: unique and essential
  • Dual Power Supplies: intelligently linked
  • Patented Fibre-Optic HUD: cannot fail due to flood
  • Audible Alarm: sits adjacent to the diver’s ear
  • Open Circuit Bailout (OCB): feed gas from either side
  • Front or Back-mounted Counterlungs: your choice
  • Thermoplastic ABS Case: superb impact protection
  • Auto Diluent Valve (ADV): reduces task-loading
  • Insulated Scrubber Canister: unique high performance
  • Dedicated Dive Planner: versatile, powerful, huge storage
  • CO2 Monitor: advanced safety
  • Scrubber Life Monitor: with visual display
  • Rechargeable Batteries: with international rapid charger
  • HUS – Head Up Screen: near-eye secondary display


All 3 Inspiration models – xpd, evp and evo – come complete with:

  • Over-the-Shoulder or Back-Mounted Counterlungs
  • Integrated Weight Harness
  • 16kg Wing BCD with Auto Air
  • Vision electronics – Dual O2 Controllers & Head-Up Display
  • Cylinders, first stages and all hoses and manifolds
  • Manual Inflators
  • ABS chassis and case
  • Rebreather carry case
  • PC download & Logviewer software

Inspirations are ready-to-fly out of the box – with the above standard features. Unlike some other makes of rebreather, you don’t need to assemble the unit yourself from parts or shop again for some essential bolt-on that you will have to source from elsewhere – such as cylinders(!) or a backup PO2 monitor…

Your Inspiration is custom built to order so that it suits your size, body frame and the type of diving you plan to do.

With the exception of  consumables (gas, sofnolime, batteries, cells) all you need to get going is included as standard. However, many divers choose to enhance their unit at the outset with some or all of the following upgrades…


Built for every breath – time-proven build quality

  • Ultra-durable outer shell – 1000 denier double-stitched cordura
  • Flexible inner bladder – tough HF welded PU
  • Simple to clean & repair
  • Unique pressure relief valve – pre-dive test & dive modes
  • Manual inflator ports


AP is the only rebreather manufacturer to offer you the choice

Over-the-Shoulder Counterlungs

  • Time-proven, setting the industry standard since 1997
  • Offers the lowest work-of-breathing (WOB) of any rebreather counterlung currently available
  • Easy-to-locate manual inflators and dump/op valve
  • Hydrostatic imbalance = absolute minimum in all diver orientations
  • CE Approved

Back-Mounted Counterlungs

  • The best breathing performance – in all typical diving positions – of any BMCL on the market
  • Clutter-free chest area 
  • Streamlines your profile, reduces drag and is easy to trim to a horizontal attitude
  • Offers more space for clipping on and retrieving extra items of kit 
  • CE Approved


Secure confidence, custom fit comfort

  • Supreme comfort, adjustable fit
  • Super-secure integrated weight pockets 
  • Through-the-legs crotch strap (or Scooter Strap option)
  • Available in 5 sizes

The rebreather harness is a real winner. It fits the unit to your body securely and with supreme comfort. There are multiple stainless D-rings for attaching side-mounts and accessories and the integrated weight pouches hold up to 6kg each and have large, grab-able lifting handles and Fastex buckle security.

Important note: choosing the right harness size for your back length is one of the most crucial factors in custom-building your rebreather.

New customers, please seek advice from your instructor, come and see us at the AP stand at all major Dive Shows worldwide or, if you can, drop by the factory for a fitting. Otherwise call us for advice and we will talk you through sizing.


Robust, reliable buoyancy compensator with Auto Air bailout

  • Unique time-proven AP BCD twin-bag design
  • 1000 denier double-stitched cordura outside – HF welded PU inside
  • Easy to clean, maintain and repair – service zip access to bladder and valves
  • Trim weight pockets (3kg each side) at the rear top
  • Auto Air inflator and bailout regulator fitted as standard

The Inspiration wing is identical in build quality to the time-proven AP Tekwings, which have been a hit with open circuit divers for over 20 years. The standard wing offers 16kg max lift or you have the option of a 22kg wing with the Inspiration xpd. Both wings feature handy, 50mm stainless steel D-rings at the sides which when used with the optional Verti-clips allow easy one-handed attachment of side slung tanks. Available in two colour options – Yellow and Grey.


No ‘dust-taste’ high performance Scrubber – tested to 160m

  • Superb Scrubber duration
  • Simple to handle, pack and seal
  • Unique scrim filters seal in the Sofnolime
  • No “dusty taste” common with other makes
  • Available in 2 sizes – 2 hour or 3 hour nominal duration*

When we first developed our scrubber the Radial versus Axial debate was raging (it still is in some quarters). So we built six different rebreather cartridges, including both designs, and tested them exhaustively on-site and at the Royal Navy’s (DERA) Defence Equipment Research Agency test centre. We found there were advantages and disadvantages to each approach – so we took the best of both and put them into one unique scrubber.


Breathing Hoses & T-Pieces that deliver in extreme conditions

Designed for high flow and reduced breathing resistance, AP Breathing Hoses offer great flexibility, long life and durability. The corrugated hose is extremely tough but also flexible enough to be squashed to perform pre-dive loop tests. It can be cut shorter to suit the individual diver and the threaded connections re-used.

The screw-on fittings connect the hose to the mouthpiece and T-piece with absolute security and are designed with different threads to dictate correct assembly. The exhale T-piece has an integral deflector which directs any small amounts of water, inadvertently let in through the mouthpiece, safely into the exhale counterlung.


A mouthpiece made for your mouth? There’s an idea

With longer and wider bites than you find on a standard regulator, the AP mouthpiece’s rubber bite is designed specifically to sit comfortably and allow easy breathing on long duration dives.

A simple rotational barrel mechanism within the mouthpiece allows you to easily close off the loop  when required – during pre-dive tests or when coming off the Closed Circuit, for example, when switching to OC.

The mouthpiece also houses our patented non-return valves – the heart of the closed circuit system – that make sure the gas flows in the right direction and prevents backflow.



Automatic top up on the way down

The ADV reduces your task loading during descents by automatically adding diluent gas in response to pressure change – maintaining a breathable volume in your counterlungs.

  • Unique upstream valve – requires no interstage pressure adjustment and offers safety shutoff
  • 300 degree swivel connector – rotate and choose to feed gas from either the on-board diluent cylinder or a side-mount
  • The ADV can also be fitted with a Flowstop gas isolator valve as an optional upgrade

Most other makes of ADV are downstream designs, which means that if there is a failure in the first stage, gas will free-flow into the counterlung dangerously. The AP upstream design ensures that if a fail occurs, the supply valve will close shut and gas will escape safely via a pressure relief valve on the first stage.

Order with Flowstop

The Flowstop is a high performance in-line gas isolator, perfect for isolating your ADV. It is a high-flow design offering less restriction than others available and so can also be used to isolate high-volume open circuit 2nd stages or off-board diluent or bail-out gas hose feeds. Used with the ADV functions include:

  • To shut-off gas supply in case of free-flow
  • To disable the ADV at the bottom stage of the dive to manually control loop volume if preferred – for example, if diving a saw-tooth profile
  • To disable the ADV at the deco stage of the dive if preferred. This may be to avoid potential dilution of the deco mix by ADV injection if the diver is rising and falling with a swell
When used with a second stage or the OCB mouthpiece, possible uses include:
  • To shut-off gas supply in case of regulator free-flow
  • To make the selection of gas from the various supplies (on-board, off-board and deco station) a positive decision-making process, avoiding accidental connection of the wrong gas mix



The OCB mouthpiece – a unique bailout valve


  • Switch from CC to OC & back easily without removing your mouthpiece
  • Patented dual valve design feeds gas from left or right
  • Sold oxygen-clean and ready for use with high oxygen percentage gasses
  • Compact & lightweight: only 350g on land, neutrally buoyant
  • CE approved, 3rd-party tested, rated to EN14143 rebreather standard
  • Exceeds EN250 regulator standard and EN13949 nitrox standard

A popular upgrade for all Inspiration rebreathers, AP’s patented open circuit bailout mouthpiece lets you switch to OC easily with one movement of a simple turning ring. It comes with a 1.5m low pressure hose as standard. The hose features AP’s reusable LP fittings allowing you to shorten if required.



Take the guesswork out of Scrubber duration

  • Real-time tracking of the thermal reaction across the scrubber bed
  • Accounts for depth, work rate & water temperature
  • Performs reliably in cold or warm water, ascending or descending
  • Clear and accurate bar graph display of scrubber activity on wristset
  • Multiple advanced warnings – on HUDs, buzzer and wristset
  • Extend dive durations with confidence in your Scrubber life

The ‘Tempstick’ Scrubber Life Monitor compares temperatures throughout the Sofnolime scrubber bed and gives an accurate display of the chemical activity occurring in real-time, reflecting the dive conditions and taking into account the factors – depth, work rate and water temperature – that affect scrubber duration. It will even take account of partially used Sofnolime and give multiple warnings (suppressible up to the final warning) – in addition to the visual bar graph – well in advance of scrubber exhaustion.

 The CO2 Sensor


The AP Diving CO2 Sensor is an ‘active warning device’ designed to alert the diver when the CO2 content of the breathing loop is approaching a dangerous level. This could be due to depletion of the CO2 absorbent canister or incorrect assembly resulting in CO2 bypass of the canister. 
The sensor is intended as an option that can be used with or without the APD Scrubber Life Monitor (Tempstick).

  • Simple Plug & Play operation: Providing the Vision electronics are programmed with the correct software version (V05.01.02 onwards), you simply plug the CO2 sensor into the lid connection. The firmware recognises the CO2 sensor and activates the appropriate displays and warnings.
  • Monitors CO2 levels within the breathing loop and warns the diver prior to the level becoming harmful



Secure, easy connection of off-board or on-board gasses

There are multiple ways to configure gas connections with our variety of GCS hoses and connections.

In essence the system allows connection of different gas supplies to the rebreather’s ADV (or to the OCB or to a regulator 2nd stage) from the onboard supply or off-board cylinders and to switch between them.

Take the ADV as an example: a hose with a male quick-connect fitting could be fitted to the ADV (remembering that the gas direction is always towards the male fitting) and other hoses with female quick-connect ends can then be plugged into this coming from either side-mounts or the on-board manifold.

This allows you to feed in different diluent gases and switch during the dive if required. Both male and female ends seal watertight on disconnection. The GCS is ideal for removing your side-mount post-dive.

Flowstop isolators can also be fitted in-line on either the male or female hoses. 

Original AP Medium Pressure Hose Fittings

1,000,000 hoses in the field – and no fittings have ever come off!

Original AP Medium Pressure Hose fittings are used throughout the Inspiration range. They’re the most reliable connections in the business. 

These are never-fail connections – screw on, not crimped. 

Used now for over 20 years in continuous production without a single fitting coming off – until you want it to. With over one million hoses in the field still going strong – it’s a record we are very proud of. Compare that to the perennial recall of other manufacturer’s hoses!

Not only does this give you 100% reliability, it helps with customising and repairs. If your hose is damaged at the ‘knuckle’ or too long it’s fairly simple to unscrew the hose end, cut the hose shorter and screw the fittings back on again. You can do this with two spanners even in the remotest parts of the world.



Live rebreather and decompression information at-a-glance

 In brief…

  • Rebreather status in line-of-sight – throughout the dive
  • Vivid OLED colour display – with excellent readability even in very poor viz
  • Real-time dive information – delivered direct to the diver’s eye
  • Magnified virtual image projected in front of the diver for exceptional image clarity
  • Conditional colouring of text and graphics for intuitive communication of status changes – Green = good, Yellow = info alert, Red = warning
  • New Ascent Rate and Ceiling Height graphical displays
  • Super adjustable articulated mount allows positional preference
  • Low power consumption – powered by the rebreathers’s dual supply
  • Upgrade path for all AP rebreathers with Vision electronics
  • Ideal for photographers, film-makers or anyone preferring hands-free monitoring to work or play underwater
  • CE Approved