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Back Mounted Counter Lung

Over the shoulder Back Counter Lung

backmountedNow You have the choice

The AP Back Mounted Counterlungs (BMCL) were introduced in 2012 as an option for all AP rebreathers as an alternative to the over-the-shoulder counterlungs which have been standard on all AP CCRs since 1997. They can either be fitted as an upgrade to existing AP rebreathers or specified when ordering any new AP unit

Why Back Mounted Counterlungs?

  • Clutter-free chest area 
  • Stream-lined diver profile with reduced drag
  • More space available to clip on and retrieve extra items of kit 
  • Easy to trim for horizontal attitude
  • Unique integral shoulder strap & harness design ensures the counterlung is fixed in the optimum position
  • Excellent breathing characteristics in all typical diving positions
  • CE Approved

The Back Mounted Counterlung design is the product of many years experience and development involving extensive manned and unmanned trials and testing. Our primary goal was to optimise the work-of-breathing performance of the lung

As a result, we believe we have now produced a unique back mounted counterlung – the best available and comparable to the renowned high performance of our existing over-the-shoulder design

The BMCL offers excellent breathing characteristics in all typical diving positions. Only lying on your back does the breathing effort become slightly more noticeable

The BMCL consists of 5 main components: 

  • Counterlung – 2 sizes
  • Harness – 5 sizes – Small to XXL
  • Diluent Inflator and Hose (3 hose sizes)
  • Oxygen Inflator and Hose (3 hose sizes)
  • Auto Diluent Valve – ADVcounterlung