Counterlungs – Silent Diving LLC



Built For Every Breath

The Inspiration and Evolution counterlungs are made from the same material as the world famous BUDDY buoyancy jackets – materials that have been in continuous production since 1980.

The twin bag process involves an extremely strong double-stitched outer bag and an HF welded polyurethane inner material that is strong, flexible and above all easy to clean. The counterlungs are fitted with valves which double as gas inflators and water drain ports, and a pressure relief valve designed to maintain lung pressures below 40mbar. This valve can be manually overridden for expelling excess water from the counterlungs even underwater and for manual gas release during ascents.

The counterlungs are located over the shoulders to reduce the hydrostatic imbalance to an absolute minimum in all diver orientations. Available in 3 sizes.