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Original AP Hose Fittings

hosefittings177Original AP Hose Fittings

Original AP Medium Pressure Hose fittings are the most reliable connections in the business. Used now for over 20 years in continuous production without a fitting coming off – until you want it to. With over one million hoses in the field still going strong – it is a record we are very proud of. Compare that to the perennial recall of other manufacturer’s hoses!

The AP Medium Pressure hose fittings are screw-on – NOT crimped.

Not only does this give you 100% reliability it gives you benefits in the future both for customising and repairs. If your hose is damaged at the “knuckle” or simply too long it is fairly simple to unscrew the hose end, cut the hose shorter and screw the fittings back on again. You can