Dive Store / Dive Projection Software

The APD Projection Dive Planner is possibly the most powerful CC/OC dive planner available, quickly calculating the necessary decompression for all types of gasses, dives and series of dives featuring the Hahn Delayed Surface Desaturation developed for multiple dives.

Key Dive Planner Software Features:

Closed Circuit & Open Circuit

  • Gradient Factor adjustable Bühlman C algorithm
  • Multiple gasses allowing any Nitrox, Trimix or Heliox
  • Plan a single dive or series of dives allowing for the surface interval desaturation according to Bühlman or Hahn
  • Plan altitude dives 
  • Powerful Table Generator: calculates multiple dive profiles for a range of depths and range of dive times, print out in depth ascending or depth descending format in a size to suit
  • Isobaric Counter Diffusion Warnings
  • Low and High O2 warnings
  • CNS and OTU warnings 
  • OC Gas volume calculations

  • Closed Circuit

    Matches the deco on the Vision rebreather handsets 

    • Comprehensive Bailout Calculator:
    • Instant bailout calculator from any point on the dive
    • User selectable bailout settings for breathing rate, gradient factors, number of gas switches,
      user provided bailout gasses, maximum PO2, maximum EAD
    • You either select the number of gas switches you want to do and the best decompression gasses and the switch depths will be calculated for you, or you elect to use the gasses in your Bailout gas list
    • Bailout gas volume calculations
    • Dive segments can be designated as overhead environments, allowing planning of cave dive and wreck penetration bailouts

    The Dive Planner’s simple Dive Table Generator quickly creates and prints a range of dive tables, which can be then personalised to present the data just how you like it. It calculates bailout from any time on the dive, telling you which gasses and volumes to take and what depths to switch at, working within the parameters you set or alternatively advises the best deco option based on the gasses you have, even taking into account those sections of the dive that you have designated as having no clear surface such as cave or wreck. 

    With Bühlmann C algorithm and diver adjustable gradient factors your chosen safety margins can be easily incorporated.

The DiveStore is a clever little device capable of storing thousands of dives. It plugs directly into the CCR’s interface and automatically and quickly downloads the data from your rebreathers to the DiveStore for safe, splash-proof, storage and transfer to your PC via the DiveStore’s USB data port. It has a 1GB memory, so there is plenty of room for other data such as diveplans, tables and your digital photographs.

The DiveStore also includes the latest APD LogViewer program for keeping track of all your underwater hours and dive details as well as all the pertinent dive information saved every 10 seconds.