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Head Up Screen

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Live rebreather and decompression information at-a-glance

In brief…
  • Rebreather status in line-of-sight – throughout the dive
  • Vivid OLED colour display – with excellent readability even in very poor viz
  • Real-time dive information – delivered direct to the diver’s eye
  • Magnified virtual image projected in front of the diver for exceptional image clarity
  • Conditional colouring of text and graphics for intuitive communication of status changes – Green = good, Yellow = info alert, Red = warning
  • New Ascent Rate and Ceiling Height graphical displays
  • Super adjustable articulated mount allows positional preference
  • Low power consumption – powered by the rebreathers’s dual supply
  • Upgrade path for all AP rebreathers with Vision electronics
  • Ideal for photographers, film-makers or anyone preferring hands-free monitoring to work or play underwater
  • CE Approved