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Vision Electronics

The whole is worth more than the sum of its parts…

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  • Vision electronics – Purpose-built for Inspiration
  • Multiple Redundancy #1 – Unique back-up Oxygen Control
  • Multiple Redundancy #2 – back-up Power Supplies
  • Multiple Redundancy #3 – Independent displays
  • Multiple Redundancy #4 – Visual and Audible warnings
  • Multiple Redundancy #5 – Simple Open Circuit Bailout
  • Features that simplify & improve your dive: Scrubber Life Monitor, ADV, integrated Deco, CO2 Sensor…
  • Plan, Record & Review – with Dive Planner, real-time Dive Memory and LogViewer


Crystal clear communication with multiple back-up systems

Inspiration rebreathers are intelligent at heart. Seamless hardware & software integration alongside multiple redundancy means you’re never in doubt about the status of your unit.

All APD Inspiration rebreathers have Vision electronics at their core. With ultra reliable performance, benchmark oxygen control, intuitive, versatile operations and crystal clear messaging, Vision helps advanced CCR divers push their ability to the limit and allows skilled OC divers to make the switch more easily.

At the heart of the new generation APD rebreathers lays the Vision electronics package.

By combining the reliable, performance benchmark, oxygen control of the Inspiration Classic with the latest manufacturing methods used in high volume dive computers and extending their features, the Vision Electronics bring even easier diving, simple yet innovative and advanced warning systems and simple upgradeability to allow not just safe software updates but also Hardware developments as they occur – future proofing your investment.