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The Fishtail Side-mount Retainer

The Fishtail Side-mount Retainer

The Fishtail is ideal for Rebreather divers, Open Circuit Technical divers, Cave divers or other exploration divers. It is particularly useful as a cylinder attachment point but also offers additional stowage points for other kit such as, lift-bags or buoys etc

It is the ideal method of supporting side-mount cylinders and holding them securely at their rear in position along the line of the diver’s body without either flapping together or drifting outwards. This cylinder security and positioning is maintained both in-water and out

Two elastic cords allow attachment of a surface marker buoy (SMB) or lift bag.

The Fishtail side-mount retainer is made from the same high-spec bespoke materials used in APD counterlung and wing construction and so offers the robust wear-resistance and longevity that all of our products are renowned for. It is stiffened internally to provide a cylinder separation platform and features 4 high-tensile welded stainless D rings

The Fishtail has been specifically designed to fit onto any APD rebreather* by means of the central case bolt (3 eyelets in the 50mm webbing allow height adjustment) and 2 adjustable side-straps that feed around the harness

With a little ingenuity and adjustment, the APD Fishtail can also be attached to many other brands’ backpack and harness systems and used in any technical or sport diver configuration

The APD Fishtail is ideally suited for use with any of the AP73 series Stage Cylinder Band Kits which feature front and rear brass trigger hooks to clip cylinders to D rings