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The GC5 Gas Connector

The GC5 Gas Connector

GC5 Gas Connector

The GC5 – Gas Connector is a large bore, full flow adaptor for attaching to the 9/16” UNF 2nd stage inlet. This allows the Auto Air type hose to be easily connected to APD’s OCB, ADV or any 2nd stage without impeding their performance.

GC5 Male Gas Connector


The GC5

The Auto Air female snap connector that connects to the GC5 is available as a spare part with a standard 2nd stage thread (code: GC1A, shown below). To convert your OCB to use the new fitting simply screw the GC1A female snap connector onto the end of your existing OCB supply hose.

The GC1A AutoAir Snap Connector

Auto Air Female fitting and the GC5

Alternatively, complete AutoAir hose assemblies are available (with the AutoAir snap connector and a standard 3/8″ UNF first stage end) in various standard lengths, or in fact, any length you require. (Note: These hoses utilise AP’s re-usable fittings which means you can adjust the hose length to suit your configuration exactly and refit the end).